Sander Bokkinga (Alias Bok) – (NL –1971)


Works and lives in Rotterdam


Sander Bokkinga is a young Dutch designer, born in 1971 in Stokkum (Twente) in The Netherlands.

He  has been working as an architect (TU Delft) and designer since 1997.


In 2006, he started his own label and showed his first collection in 2007 at the Mobile di Salone in Milan.



bok. is an unstoppable fantasy-machine”

bok. manufactures in Holland”

bok. loves pure materials”

bok. wants to make people smile”

bok. manufactures all products himself”

 bok. continually works on new designs”

bok. is also still working on architectural projects”


Sander makes amazing desing objects, using unexpected material: bird houses made of brick, seats in the shape of a pitchfork, garden furniture made of RUBBERstraw, which is straw mixed with rubber.....


One of his most extraordinary serie is a furniture serie made of old and new hosepipes for interior and exterior use. Amazingly, water can still run through the designs. The serie currently includes a floorlamp, a relax-chair, a dining chair, a stool in two sizes and a vase.


Sander Bokkinga may fondly recall childhood summers in the Dutch countryside, watering the plants and spraying himself to cool off...However, he’s less nostalgic. He exacts decorative revenge with the 6-foot-high Hose floor lamp, which harnesses a whopping 229 feet of hose to a standard work light. How the lamp stays upright is his secret. All he will say on the matter is ‘There’s magic inside’...

(by Karen D.Singh – Interior Sign)