Wouter Steel - Teenage Scum - Oil on Canvas

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Wouter Steel (B - 1974)

Lives and works in Antwerp


Paintings - Oil on Canvas


Steel tries to capture what lies beneath the surface, the core of the subject. In other words; heís diggin under the skin, heís soulsearching. His depiction and technique are in that way a translation, a reflection. Transparant and fragile layers of vibrant colors in contrast with an endless palette of whites. Light and skintones are an endless inspiration, shadows in blue, green and purple. The display of colors in Steelís work is huge and varied but never fragmentated, always a symbiose of strong and soft, warm and cold.

The human form in all itís beauty and complexity stays an endless inspiration; the tantalizing sensitivity of light reflecting in a beautifully curved eye, the raw and lushious look of a chocolate brown skin, the absent stare of a boy between child and adultÖ Steelís motivation and motives are honest and pure; no cheap thrills, no crowdpleasing effects, no easy way outÖ