Thomas Nowotny - Cloud bathing - DIFO 100 X 170

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Thomas Nowotny (A - 1965)


Works and lives in Berlin


The urban, social and aesthetic space is manipulated by Nowotny with a compulsive, almost childlike energy. He photographs, scans, cuts, ads, and juxtaposes images. The results are hybrid and unexpected pictures demanding on the eyes and mind.

The imagination becomes restless as it attempts to capture his non linear representation made up of bits of urban visual information.

The work shows its vision concerning the future and how it can change our surroundings and nature, both in good or bad sense. He treats most of the photographs digital, almost with a filial energy. The results shows hybrids and unexpected photographs which must be scanned by eye and spirit before one can get a grip on it. The formats of the photograph emphasise the landscape, formats of 70 x 180 cm or more are rather usual than an exception.