Ottmar Hörl- Berlin - Open air installation

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Ottmar Hörl(D - 1950)


Sculptures / Open air Installations / Multiples


Born in Nauheim, Germany

Lives and works in Bertheim, Germany


We live in a world filled with symbols, logos, emblems, brands, their meanings and distance. Even the word “art” is almost automatically associated with museum or gallery, as if it were a confined place. The conceptual work of Ottmar Hörl, especially for public spaces, crosses all those borders. Art is offered and made accessible to all. An art you can touch and around which you can evolve. Even kids can have fun with it because his work is often virtually unbreakable. If art is what makes an artist, then Ottmar Hörl is preoccupied first and foremost with creating objects which become art only because of the reason they were conceived, their impact and their vocation, emanating from the meta-context.