The Gallery


Founded in December 2005, Jonas Gallery is a unique project for contemporary art and design in Brussels. Jonas Gallery aims to go beyond the obvious, to stimulate talent and provide a platform for emerging contemporary artists and designers from Belgium and abroad.
Ecclectic and non-elitist yet qualitative and inspiring, the downtown Gallery aims to be easily accessibles yet bespoke and ecclectic, serving an international clientèle. 
It’s an open yet intimate exhibition space with oakwood floors and a full white interior thus providing a warm and neutral backdrop for contemporary artwork that demands luminosity and serenity.
Jonas Gallery is run by Najad Jonas–Menouar and Pablo Jonas. In a previous life Najad worked as artists agent since year 2000, represented major Belgian artists (Wim Delvoye, Pascal Bernier, Damien Delepeleir, Chris Delville, Mariane Garnier...), now she tries to bring you fresh new creative forces.




 Jonas Gallery Brussels - Contemporary art and design

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