Erik Vervroegen - Star Academy - Acryl on Canvas

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Erik Vervroegen (B - 1964)

Lives and works in Antwerp


Paintings - Acryl on Canvas


Since his childhood, Eric has been fascinated with images in all their forms: illustration, drawing, painting, graphic design, typography, photography, etc. and at sixteen he discovers advertising thanks to a friend and sketch artist. Perhaps some of his advertising work – true contemporary icons – is construed as paintings because of his early exposure to all these different art forms.

But today, far away from the madness of advertising, Erik Vervroegen’s art and paintings invite us into a completely different world.On canvas covered with acrylic paint, on polished layers, in black and white, the art of Eric uncovers strange beings whose feelings are on edge, with hallucinating looks from enduring a tough life, hollow cries in a violent silence, indelible traces on marked bodies, and the skin as witness to ineffaceable memories, the obsessive lines of the brush as a means to introspection.