Wouter Steel (B- 1974)



Born in Leuven, Belgium

Lives and works in Antwerp


Capturing the human form in all it’s beauty and complexity occupies the artist’s attention; light caught gently in the curve of a eye, the raw luscious look of a chocolate brown skin and the absent stare of a boy halfway between child and man…

Steel tries to capture what lies beneath the skin, portray the core of his subject.


The artist records ideas, situations and scenes using photography. It is from this static imagery that he develops sketches, before building realistic oil paintings on to canvas. His painting alienates the figure, surrounding them with dramatised moods and projections of their desires and aspirations.


In his work Steel is making an honest search, avoiding crowd-pleasing effects and being true to his own artistic vision.

He refuses any easy way out.



1993 / 1995:  vrije beeldende vorming – Sint Lukas Brussel kunsthumaniora

1995 / 1997:  kandidatuur vrije grafiek – Koninklijke Academie Voor Schone kunsten


1997 / 1998: vrije beeldende kunsten, optie schilderkunst – Stedelijke Academie Anderlecht

                                                                                                ( DKO )

1998 / 2002: vrije beeldende kunsten, optie schilderkunst – Koninklijke Academie Voor        

                                                                                                Schone Kunsten Antwerpen


2002: Juni: groepstentoonstelling te Campo Campo / Grote Steenweg Antwerpen

2002: Juli – Augustus: groepstentoonstelling te Campo Campo

2002:Oktober:  groepstentoonstelling in Koninklijke Academie Antwerpen

2005:Juli – Augustus: groepstentoonstelling te Campo Campo

2006:September: groepstentoonstelling “project 3000” in Leuven

2006:Oktober: solo tentoonstelling in cultureel centrum” de foyer “ te Kraainem

2006: solo exhibition “Big Time Sensuality” – Jonas Gallery Brussels

2007: solo exhibition “Saints and Sinners” – Jonas Gallery Brussels