Born in Tangiers.

Lives and works in Scotsdale, Arizona and in Marrakesh.


Tourya was born to a musical tune of her father's violin string in Tangiers. Not long after her birth, she became a citizen of Belgium. She began painting and sculpting at the age of five and her formal training and education included Art History and Anatomy studies at the St. Maria Art Institute in Antwerp, The Institute of Fine Arts in Mechelen, the Academy of Beaux Arts in Ghent and St.-Nicholas, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Tourya currently divides her time between the deserts of Scottsdale, Arizona, and Marrakech, Morocco.


In the late 90s after a successful career in advertising as a Creative Director, Tourya decided to focus on her art, while exploring techniques in various media. She approaches her work from an art historian perspective, and as an enthusiast of what the great Masters have done. She applies her knowledge to everything she does in painting, bronze, photography, and short film productions.

Her work has been at an exhibition in London at Lotta Hammer, in Ghent, Belgium and at Re Gallery and recently at the Octogone in Marrakech, Morocco. Many of her paintings are in private collections around the world. Additionally, she wrote, directed, and produced a short film entitled, "Loud-Silence," which explores the effect that culture has on a special group of individuals, the hearing impaired.

Artist Statement  (about the 'Rebirth' Serie)

 That first impact, then the second hit! The immediate emotional and intellectual chaos that was going through our minds at first seeing but not believing, the smashing CNN live broadcast of that unforgettable moment in a time that we all in our own way  shared!

One felt confronted and compelled to seek answers and was sent back in time and history, where we all became instantly politically engaged, and we were all forced to put our lives in perspectives leaving us all with unanswered questions!

Silent paintings, as I refer to them, are subtle paintings in voicing a message of the silent reaction of this unwarned attack ! The delicate strokes of oil pigment that brings such a light to the canvas, the fine lines of hypnotized technique of conveying the inner shine and light towards a new hope for a new beginning.

This event caries a special meaning of memory for me since I was in Morocco on the exact day of 9/11 and was preparing my first solo exhibition in London and then in New York. The trauma and disolutions made me cancel the exhibition in New York.Eight original oil paintings were born on Oct. 2001 only to be completed at the end of 2003. The ninth painting came to life in September 2007! The  Rebirth  series brings us back to the moments of human capabilities,desires and forces of being reborn and rebound to our commitment to life!